THE SR. BACANA BRAND IN COVID-19 PANDEMIC: affective memory on Instagram




Sr. Bacana, Publicity, Instagram, Affective memory


The micro brand Sr. Bacana from Bauru reinvented itself in the pandemic when it was launched on social media Instagram. To differentiate his business from the commodities market, he bet on the affectionate memory of his warm and good- humored grandfather, who has been selling sugarcane juice and coconut water for 30 years in the city. The methodology began with the bibliographic foundation on the brand, advertising, and social media Instagram for an analytical description of the brand's history and communication in its first year of existence, reaching almost 30,000 followers. We identified three stages in Sr. Bacana's journey: 1) launch of the brand; 2) brand connection; 3) the brand as a digital influencer.


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Biografia do Autor

Lucilene dos Santos Gonzales, University Estadual Paulista

PhD in Linguistics. Research advisor for the master’s in communication at University Estadual Paulista, Unesp, Architecture, Arts, Communication and Design College, Bauru campus.

Tatiana Cristina Molini, Universidade Estadual Paulista

Master's student in Communication at UNESP Bauru, graduated in Journalism at the University Presbiterian Mackenzie (2005) and in Language at University of São Paulo Bachelor (2007) and Licentiate (2008).


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