Travel plan for tourists

minimum access path and route circuit in Jalapão State Park




Gurobi, Routes, Tourism, Jalapão, Traveling Salesman Problem


This article presents the proposal for a model travel plan for tourists in the Jalapão State Park [PEJ - Parque Estadual do Jalapão], located in the State of Tocantins, Brazil. The research shows the use of the Gurobi Optimizer library in Python Software associated with using Miller-Tucker-Zemlin (MTZ) constraints to ensure a viable route circuit. Through the Traveling Salesman Problem (TSP), two viable optimal routes are presented for two research problems: i) minimize the distance of access to the PEJ from the city of Palmas -TO and ii) find an optimal route path for tourists considering some of the most relevant points of the PEJ. The study presents a viable solution to route problems and contributes with an actual model, showing that TSP and the use of restrictions MTZ can be adequate to solve these problems and others to be solved in PEJ.




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Nascimento, R.R. do 2023. Travel plan for tourists: minimum access path and route circuit in Jalapão State Park. Academic Journal on Computing, Engineering and Applied Mathematics. 5, 1 (dez. 2023), 21–26. DOI:



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