Study of Equipment to Measure Quantities Related to Electricity in a Three-Phase Engine


  • Emanuella Carvalho Almeida Universidade Federal do Tocantins
  • Gabriel Gonçalves Pereira Universidade Federal do Tocantins
  • Wesley Mota dos Reis Universidade Federal do Tocantins
  • Jadiel Caparrós da Silva Universidade Federal do Tocantins



Electric energy, modern engines, WaveBook/516, validation, theoretical conceptions, experimental data


This study examines the WaveBook/516E device for measuring electrical energy in three-phase engines. Accurate measurement and analysis of electrical energy is critical to engine performance and efficiency. However, existing devices often lack comprehensive data analysis capabilities, which hinders researchers’ understanding of engine characteristics and electrical quantities. The study focuses on the WaveBook/516E, which features data storage and customizable analysis options. The methodology involves a theoretical review, including references, data from engines, obtained using the device’s standard configuration and flexible settings, underwent detailed statistical analysis. Results demonstrated consistent data for engines under different conditions, validating the device’s potential for precise statistical analysis. The WaveBook/516E’s data storage and customization options make it a valuable tool for research on electrical energy in three-phase engines, allowing researchers to explore various scenarios. This research helps to improve the understanding of engine behavior and promote efficient engine control practices. The device’s ability to change input patterns expands its applicability to broader research in electrical energy measurement and analysis. Overall, the WaveBook/516E expands the capabilities of researchers by facilitating in-depth studies and sound engine control practices.




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Carvalho Almeida, E. et al. 2023. Study of Equipment to Measure Quantities Related to Electricity in a Three-Phase Engine. Academic Journal on Computing, Engineering and Applied Mathematics. 4, 2 (out. 2023), 13–16. DOI:



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